Bruce Lipton Ph.D.
and author of
The Biology of  Belief

The simple reality is that our perceptions and beliefs, whether right or wrong, are still going to control our biology. It is important for us to understand that if we change our perceptions, we can change our biology and our world.


Amit Goswami Ph.D.,
Quantum Physicist,
Professor Emeritus
Oregon University
and featured in
the movie
What the Bleep
Do We Know?

The principles of BodyTalk are based on proven scientific facts and leading edge discoveries. It is a new way of addressing our well-being in the future. BodyTalk opens an unlimited collection of energetic possibilities for us to heal on many levels."

Caroline Sarda
Creator XL Vita.com,
Natural Living
Made Easy

Bernadette Rosenstiel and BodyTalk are a game changer. One session with her and I feel like a new woman.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote BodyTalk?
Remote BodyTalk (RBT), also referred to as Distance Healing, or Remote Healing, is an energetic healing process performed through the principles of quantum physics. In scientific circles this is known as "non-local healing."

In the late 90s, the Boston campus of Harvard University hosted a conference, Intercessory Prayer and Distant Healing Intention: Clinical and Laboratory Research, attended by approximately one hundred researchers from medical schools and universities around the United States. They discussed nonlocal (distance) healing experiments that they were performing at their respective institutions. The event marked the emergence of the subject as valid and worthy of scientific study.

How does Distance Healing work?
We live in interesting times. The nature of health care is changing dramatically as we move through the 21st century. Deepak Chopra wrote, "To promote the healing response, you must get past all of the grosser levels of the body, cells, tissues, organs and systems which arrive at the junction between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect."

Long Distance Healing works according to quantum physics. Everything is connected. Everything is part of a continuous whole. Distance is not a factor. For the sake of conceptualization, Distance Healing is a wireless technology which works on a principle similar to the cell phone. There simply needs to be a sender and a receiver. In this case, the sender is the BodyTalk practitioner and the receiver is you.

How does the practitioner reach me in particular?
It is a medically proven fact that prayer heals. How do prayers reach the right person? By intent. How does all energy healing, done at a distance, reach the right person? By intent and by that connection to your own, unique frequencies. Your subconscious mind has total access to your history, and your subconscious mind is part of the unified field of consciousness to which we are all connected. Intent to connect, and tune into your special beingness and frequencies, makes it so.

Dr. Bernadette has been conducting RBT sessions for many years, typically at the request of patients who travel frequently, have moved away, or may be too sick or too busy to schedule office appointments. Now in retirement from chiropratic and traveling extensively, she continues to offer dedicated RBT sessions by appointment only, to both existing and new patients. Nearly all of Dr. Bernadette's pateints note the same significant effects as in-office BodyTalk Sessions. Many patients continue RBT appointments on a regular basis.

How is an RBT session conducted?
Subject to Dr. Bernadette's appointment schedule, you may select a specific day and time of day for the Remote BodyTalk Session to be conducted. This allows you to make yourself comfortable, at home or while you are traveling, at a convenient time and, hopefully, without interruptions, the same as a normal doctor's appointment.

Dr. Bernadette recommends that you silence your phone during the session, so that you may be completely present for the scheduled time. Although it is preferred, it is not necessary to be laying still in order for the session to be effective. Sessions usually take 30-60 minutes, as needed.

You may notice your body energy moving in different ways, such as feelings of warmth, coolness, tingling or a sensation of relaxation and peace. If you do not notice anything it does not mean you did not receive the energy. Everyone's awareness and sensitivity levels are different.

You will receive an email from Dr. Bernadette soon after the session is completed, describing all of the areas which she worked on and balanced. You will be invited to ask follow-up questions and, if necessary, Dr. Bernadette will call you to discuss your session in greater detail.

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